Friday, May 22, 2009

precious memories...

This an email I sent to a friend and my cousin last week...

Ok, I have noticed that you are great at documenting life through pictures.
I SUCK at this and I feel like I am missing out on the memories of some fabulous
moments. I have a digital camera. It is never with me! Sometimes I will remember
to buy a disposable if we are at some "life event" but I have probably 20 of
those cameras UNDEVELOPED in my picture tub in the closet! I guess that’s
another fear…what if I take a digital pic and then never take the time to put
them on the computer! What a waste! I have a picture phone and I have
probably 35 pics on it…it’s always full when I go to take another pic, and then
I end up deleting an older pic to make room for the new one…and now that “old”
memory is gone! UGH!!I really wanna work on this...Any ideas!??!! I have no idea where to start!!

yeah...honestly, the whole funeral thing is kinda what got me on this kick. I went to a funeral for a 9yo cancer victim...and a high school classmate...and a 28yo suicide victim...And then today I saw the family picture on your facebook from the month before Phil passed away...and it hit me...I mean what if some tragedy befalls our family and I don't have any pictures for the funeral!! I know that is the stupidest thing...but it got to me! I don't want my kids to only remember me by my bad parenting skills, ya know? I don't want my tombstone to read, "Kimberly...she yelled alot...and forgot to take pictures!" ARGH!!

After receiving some encouragement from said friend and cousin, I have become a shutter-flapping, moment-catching, memory-creating, picture-taking FOOL over the past week! And I am having sooooo much fun! AND I'm actually getting the pics from the camera TO the computer and onto this blog and my facebook! I feel so accomplished and productive! YAY ME!

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