Thursday, May 28, 2009

Had a long weekend away from work and away from the computer, so I’m just catching up now! Here’s a quik look at my weekend…in pictures, no less! (I’m getting’ good at this!!)
Friday night we went to the “Feast of the Flowering Moon” which is our local version of the town fair! It was a lot of fun and we couldn’t walk 10 feet without running into friends and chatting for a bit! I love summer in Ohio!

For those of you not in Ohio, let me explain our unique summer fun setup!! Each town in Ohio has a summer festival of some sort…celebrating something completely random and stupid…
a fruit (like the apple festival in Jackson),
a vegetable (like the Circleville pumpkin show),
a snack (like the Marion Popcorn Festival),
a time period (like South Bloomfield’s Old Time Days),
or even a home appliance/bluegrass musical instrument (like the Logan Washboard Festival)!

As a family, you can literally travel EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND from Memorial Day thru Labor Day and find free entertainment, lots of rides, and tons of fattening food!

Saturday was a looooong, but fun day with ups and downs…had breakfast at the local family restaurant!

Then drove to Cincy for a couple of shows…with a van full of kids ready to hardcore dance!!!

Sound checked and played at Git R Done Fest

Then it was off to the Battle of the Bands for Ichthus…where the fans came out both young and old!

We didn’t win the battle, but Liam and Brennan won door prizes! Liam won a Fender acoustic guitar and Brennan won 2 $118 tickets to Ichthus! GO MCNEALS!!! Woot Woot!!!!

Sunday Night after youth, the teens decided they wanted to have a sleepover at our house…last minute!16 people in one very small house…and we a had a blast!!

Ok, so obviously I hadn’t yet mastered the FOCUS on my stupid camera!! Hehe anyhoo…

So Monday we took the boys fishin’

Keenan caught one…Brennan caught three..and Liam was too busy posing to catch anything!!! Lol

And today…I’m back to work…in my cube…with too much paperwork…bleh… looking forward to Friday!

LOL…not a very pensive, deep-thinking blog today, but aren’t you glad I took pictures!! hehe

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