Monday, June 8, 2009

out of the mouths of babes...again

This conversation happened in our minivan after church yesterday. Dad was driving. We weren't talking about death and dying. I think we were actually on the topic of fishing!! But here's how it went:

Liam: Hey mom? Ya know how sometimes we see like a video or something of a bird runnin' into a window or something..and it's on the funniest home videos show? And we laugh and stuff?!
Me: um...yeah...
Liam: well, I think that is so funny...but when I see a dead bird it makes me sad.
Me: (thinking awwww....what a sensitive kid...) Yeah bud. Whenever something or someone dies, it usually makes us sad for a bit. Death is a pretty sad thing.
Liam: If Dad ever died, I would be REALLY sa...noooo...I would just dig a hole and live with him. (big sigh...)

That was the best "i love you" I've ever heard from a thoughtful 6yo!

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